Saturday, October 6, 2007

LBPOA Meeting - 6 October 2007

The LBPOA will meet at 10:00am on Saturday, 6 October at the Senior Citizens Center on Middle Beach Road. All Laguna Beach property owners are encouraged to attend. A general meeting of the membership will be held and guest speakers on current topics will also be onsite.
I believe a State Representative will speak on the current property tax issues and the Bay County Sherriff will also talk on neighborhood issues.

The LBPOA has recently replaced our beach signs. The signs stating the use of the dedicated beach and the basic rules have been placed along our beach and additional signs regarding the water safety and undertow have been added. If these new safety signs can save one life, we have been successful and it has been more than worth the cost to add these. Please check them out.

A report on the meeting will follow soon as well as more current news.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sea Turtles at Laguna Beach

We recently had some visitors on the beach. The St. Andrews Bay Conservation guys were out on the beach at Laguna recently with a marine biology professor from UAB. They were burying pemperature probes in the sand to monitor possible nesting areas for sea turtles. It was great to see these guys out there in front of our neighborhood doing this work toward protecting these majestic animals. I have seen the turtles, always Hawksbill turtles, out past the sand bars recently on several occasions while kayaking. They always seem to be sticking their heads up out of the water checking out the beach for a prime place to come in a lay their eggs during the night. Remember - these are protected animals as are their nests. If you happen accross a nest - DO NOT BOTHER IT! Instead, call it in. The Turtle patrol comes the beach on a 4-wheeler daily looking for nexting spots.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Laguna Beach Stickers Available

New Identity for Laguna Beach
So, have you seen the "LB" stickers on the backs of cars yet? Well they are getting popular and you can have one too. You know, the little white oval stickers that have the abbreviation of one's particular favorite place? Well we have them for Laguna Beach now. They have been available at the Carousel but better yet, if you will pay your Laguna Beach Property Owner's Association dues - a mere $50 per member, I will make sure that you get one "gratis". What a deal, besides the fact that you should pay your dues anyhow as this money goes toward protecting what matters most - our beach and community.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Laguna Beach Gets a Blog

Welcome to Laguna Beach Property Owners Assocition Blogspot. Finally, we have a place we can log into and check on the going-ons around this small treasure by the sea we all adore. Hopefully, with some future advancements, we will be able to have a hosted website where all our business can be posted and property owners - both long-time and prospective newcomers can all get the news that matters.

For now, we are pleased to have a blogspot. This site is intended to give our neighborhood some identity on the internet. Identity is something that has long been missed by all of us who own property here in Laguna Beach. When you compare us to all the common names like Seaside, Rosemary, and so on, we have one thing that stands out - some long history. Laguna Beach has had a community and an association long before the others were thought of. We need to be proud of this and cpaitalize on this. A property owners association is a powerful tool. A tool that can allow us to improve what we already have, make a difference in the community, and a place to check in a see what's new.

For the beginning, the blogspot will remain just a place where you can check out some local photos and see some neighborhood news. Enjoy.