Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sea Turtles at Laguna Beach

We recently had some visitors on the beach. The St. Andrews Bay Conservation guys were out on the beach at Laguna recently with a marine biology professor from UAB. They were burying pemperature probes in the sand to monitor possible nesting areas for sea turtles. It was great to see these guys out there in front of our neighborhood doing this work toward protecting these majestic animals. I have seen the turtles, always Hawksbill turtles, out past the sand bars recently on several occasions while kayaking. They always seem to be sticking their heads up out of the water checking out the beach for a prime place to come in a lay their eggs during the night. Remember - these are protected animals as are their nests. If you happen accross a nest - DO NOT BOTHER IT! Instead, call it in. The Turtle patrol comes the beach on a 4-wheeler daily looking for nexting spots.

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