Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cha cha cha changes......

This is the first post under the newly converted blog for the Laguna Beach Florida community. Since the LBPOA (Laguna Beach Property Owners Associtation) has a website under construction, it is more beneficial to change this blog into a more community site where we can share the latest and greatest about Laguna Beach and leave all the business mambo-jambo and political propaganda to the heiarchy of the LBPOA.
Lets focus on whats really going on in our little hood by the beach and stress the new, the good, and the needed improvements. Lets share some good ideas for the whole of our community. We can introduce some new merchants and some old standbys. We can talk about whats important for you at Laguna Beach. Please share. From time to time I will throw out some topics of interest to me for our community and you do the same. Lets stive to make this a standout community for the West beaches of Bay County. Cheers!

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